For additional help please email [email protected]

How do I access the live classes on Zoom?

Follow the Zoom link sent in your welcome email

When are the live classes?

Mon 1pm • Tu 9am • Wed 5pm • Th 9am • Sat 10am 

Circle and Connection: Sat 4pm

NOTE: all times are Pacific (PDT) 

Where do I find the live classes I missed?

You can access previously recorded classes in your membership portal in the toolbar on the top right by clicking “Kundalini Classes”.

How Do I access the Private Membership Facebook Group?

You can join our private online Community here:

Remember: this is for members only

Can I cancel my membership? 

Yes! You can cancel your membership at any time!  

NOTE: your account access will be revoked immediately upon cancelling your payment. We recommend waiting until the day before your next scheduled payment to cancel, so you will receive the entire month you signed up for!  

To Cancel Membership:

  • Go to your setting in the dropdown menu. Choose "Billing Info" on the top right. Click "Manage Subscription in Paypal".
  • This will bring you to the PayPal website (you will see all of your active automatic payments on the left toolbar). Click "Rachel Dougherty". The status will say Active, simply click "Cancel" then confirm you would like to cancel.
  • DONE!

Issues Signing Up: 

  • Verify your PayPal payment is correct (you can only subscribe using PayPal, we do not accept Venmo or any other forms of payment at this time) 
  • Make sure you are using a recognized email domain, ex: @gmail (unfortunately our server may not recognize custom domains)

Issues Signing In:

Verify you're using the same email you signed up with and the correct password. 

Reactivating Membership:

Cancelling payment does not deactivate the members account. Individuals will still be able to login using their email and password, however they will not have any resources in their library. To regain access to material they must sign up again using the original sign up link: